Table Saw Fence

The table saw that I have is one of the small tabletop models on a stand that I bought 20 years ago. The fence sucks and I can't cut anything large with it, so I decided to try and make some improvements. I started by getting a 2' x 4' x 1/2" thick piece of laminated particle board to serve as the top and then I put some 1" thick boards around it like a skirt. For the fence rail I used a piece of angle iron that is spaced away from the skirt with some aluminum bushings that I had made for one of my previous CNC routers.

I then designed up the fence system that uses a piece of 8020 for the fence itself.  The 8020 will fasten to the base with a couple of button head screws and the fence will lock to the rail by tightening a knob against the rail.

I then cnc'd up a split pattern for the base out of MDF.

Then it was off to the foundry to make the casting.  It turned out pretty well.

to be continued....

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