Table Saw Fence Part 2

Made some more progress today. First I cut off the sprues and runners and then set it up on my CNC for machining. This is after the first cuts.

I had to move the part to make the second cut because the clamps were in the way.  You can see a little bit of shrink in the center, but it will not change how the part functions, so I didn't worry about it.

I then flipped the part and machined off the base where the 8020 will get fastened to.

I drilled and tapped the base for the button head screws that will hold down the 8020 and one more for the clamp screw. I also drilled some access holes thru the 8020 for tightening/adjusting the fence.

The knob is attached to a piece of 1/4-20 threaded rod and goes thru the tapped hole in the base and into a piece of plastic that rides along the underside of the angle iron.

I added a rail along the back of the table and cut a piece of delrin to keep the fence sitting a little above the tabletop so it doesn't scrape the surface.

Next step is making an outfeed table.

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