Gingery Lathe - The Headstock Casting


This is the pattern for the headstock.  It's made up from 5 pieces of MDF that I machined on my CNC and glued together.  I then added the fillets on the inside as needed.  The red stuff you are seeing is spot putty.  I got a little aggressive when sanding the Bondo fillets.


This was my first attempt at casting this piece.  I tried to pop gate it into the heavy section and put a riser on the other side.  It failed.  I ended up with a large shrink void.

I tried gating it from the side, but I did not have enough metal in the crucible.  I was not happy.  On the plus side, the casting looks better.

On the third attempt, SUCCESS!  There is some shrinkage by the runner on the right side in this picture, but I don't think it will hurt anything.

I also cast the bearing caps for the headstock.  A fairly easy part to cast.

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