Gingery Lathe - Bed

I bought the series "Build a Complete Metal Working Shop from Scrap" many years ago from Lindsay Publications Inc.  Now that I finally got my foundry set up and my CNC Router running, I can get going on making my lathe.  I'm going to document my progress here as I build my lathe.

Here is a picture of my castings and patterns for the bed and the feet.  The pattern for the feet was machined completely on my CNC router.  For the bed pattern, I used a table saw to cut the outside profile and used the CNC to cut out the inside pockets.  Both patterns feature 3/8" wall sections and are made slightly taller than what Gingery describes in his book.

 My sand was too dry when I cast this foot.  You can the the void in the fillet area from washout.  The second image is where the sand ended up.  I wasn't happy with this casting so I made another to replace it.  Maybe I'll use it as a center support on the lathe.

Here is the machined bed sitting on it's feet.  I have access where I work to a Bridgeport mill and a CNC machine.  I used a 4" fly-cutter to face off the top and bottom of both beds that I cast as well as the feet.  The second image has the ways bolted on.

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