Gingery Shaper - The Beginning

I've started making the Gingery shaper.  The first step was to model it up in CAD so I can see how everything goes together and to have models to cut patterns on the CNC.  Here's the model so far.  It's not completely finished, but enough to get started.  The only change to the design from the book was that I went with a 3/8" thick plate on the ram as opposed to the 1/4" thick plate that Gingery describes.

The first part to make was the column side.  Here is the pattern:

I had my name engraved into the pattern, but it didn't cut too well in the MDF, so I filled it in.  I have one pattern with the name and one without.  Here is one of the castings.  This one has the name on it.

The one in the background is scrap.  I used some new greensand and the surface finish was horrible.

I then set them up in the CNC and controlled it manually to rough machine the castings.

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