Gingery Lathe - Handle

I wanted to make a new handle for the cross slide that gave me a way to judge how much material I was taking off of the material I was cutting.  I came up with something that I could easily cut on my CNC and would be easy to cast.  It has the divisions cut right into the pattern.  Here is the pattern and the casting.

The divisions were cut on the pattern using a 60 degree v-bit cutter.  After cleaning up and drilling the holes in the casting, I filled in the divisions with a sharpie and then sanded the outside of the part to clean it up.
Here is the handle mounted to the lathe.  I still need to make a pointer, but it should work fine.  The divisions are set up so that 1 mark equals .001" off of the diameter (.0005 off the radius) of the part.

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