Gingery Lathe - Face Plate

I finally got the face plate done.  It took three tries to get a casting that was usable.  The first casting I tried doing the way Gingery describes in his book with casting the face plate around a steel core and then removing the core.  I could not get that steel core out of the casting without destroying the casting.  The next thing I tried was to make a sand core to make the hole.  It didn't turn out to well.  It ended up with a large void in the center next to the core.

So then I decided to cast it without any core at all drill out the center of the face plate.  I gated it directly into the center hub.  It worked out ok, but the hole is a little oversized.  I'll make the permanent spindle a little larger to compensate for it when the time comes.  Here is what it ended up looking like after machining.

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