CNC Router - The Base

I started building a new CNC machine.  I bought the plans for a Momus machine from Ebay, mostly because it can cut aluminum.  I started modeling up the parts and decided that instead of buying all of the material, I would cast the pieces that I needed using lost foam.  I really wanted to use a 20 x 30 x 3.5 piece of aluminum that I had from a previous machine, so the design started to deviate from there.

Here is the big block of aluminum with the sides.  The sides are 1" thick and were used as a sacrificial surface on an old CNC machine.  I turned the block the long way this time to get more travel out of the gantry axis.  The hole in the table in front of the machine is so that I can make a fixture for making dovetails.  The stock can hang down below the table.  When not in use, I'll make a door for it to keep the dust contained.  I'm planning on making a full enclosure around the machine when it is completed.

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